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Resource nameInstitute of Hsinchu County History—Digital Archive(維修中)
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The preparatory office of the Institute of Hsinchu County History was established in 2000, in order to preserve related documents from after the administrative separation of Hsinchu County and Hsinchu City, book collections from the Shinchiku Prefecture Library (Japanese colonial era), as well as other historical resources that may have been lost. The preparatory office applied strenuously for funding from the Hakka Affairs Council to construct the Institute, and it had the full support of the Hsinchu County Government. After extended efforts on all sides, construction finally began in 2005, and the Institute was officially opened on 31 August 2008.

The main functions of the Institute of Hsinchu County History are to collect and archive official and folk historical resources. The architectural concept was based on a "Hakka walled-village" and "Chinese quadrangles design". The building is divided into 6 main sections: literature and reading room, archives center, exhibition space, research and restoration, administration and management, and services. The Institute of Hsinchu County History archives contain many valuable historical documents and artifacts. We are currently promoting gradual archive digitalization to minimize the damage and deterioration of books from long-term usage. Digital archives provide readers and researchers with viewing and searching, which facilitates the promotion of knowledge, and also promotes the development of Hsinchu Studies.

The "Records of Hsinchu County Taiwan Province" (published in 1975, spans from 1600s to 1951) and "Shinchiku Prefecture News" (published during the Japanese colonial era) are two important literary resources for the study of Hsinchu's history, and belong to the special collection of the Institute of Hsinchu County History. However, the current collections held in the Institute are limited, and the paper is fragile and not suitable for use and handling by the public. Therefore, the Institute's historical resource digitalization phase 1 (2008) would first be aimed at the digital archiving of the "Records of Hsinchu County Taiwan Province" and "Shinchiku Prefecture News". Furthermore, the digital archive system will be used to promote the digitalization of all major collections and artifacts currently archived in the Institute and establish the basic structure of the Institute of Hsinchu County History digital archive for future resource collection and utilization.

CooperationCultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Government