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Resource nameNational Archives Administration, National Development Council—Archives Access Service (A+)
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The archives refer to records with permanent preservation value, which have been transferred under the management of the National Archives Administration, National Development Council (hereafter referred to as NAA). To promote the usage of the archives, NAA established the Archives Access Service website(hereafter referred to as A+), which currently provides over 2.63 million catalogue entries that are being expanded continuously. The public is welcome to apply for access online or come in person to NAA to use the archives.

The archives have been managed in order to promote the transparency of government information, to appropriately preserve records with permanent value, to promote usage and application of the archives, to safeguard the links and cohesion of the original records, and to maintain the source and order of the original records. There are 25 categories: government policy, legislation and control affairs, judicial and legal affairs, recruitment,qualification and personnel affairs, interior affairs, foreign and overseas Chinese affairs,cross-strait relations, national defense and veterans affairs, fiscal and financial, education and sports, economic and trade, transportation and public works, groups, culture and media, health care, environmental resources, marine services, labor and human resources, humanities and technology development, agriculture, elections, local affairs, political affairs, civil societies, and individual. Currently the majority of the archives comprise records from transport and public works as well as economics and commerce. The main features are the archives on politics, Taiwan's industries and economics, archives before 1949, the railway ministry of Taiwan Sotokufu and the 921 Earthquake.

For viewing, copying or duplicating the archives, please first search the relevant catalogue or index as well as fill out the application for access to archives form. The application form can be downloaded from the website or obtained in person from NAA; the application form can also be printed from A+. Once the application has been completed, please send it to NAA along with a copy of valid identification, either in person at the Archives Access Center, or by mail or fax. Those who have already applied for the citizen digital certificate may send the application electronically through the A+ website.

CooperationNational Archives Administration, National Development Council