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Resource nameInstitute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica─Taiwan Archival Information System
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Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica (ITH) is the most important research organization of Taiwan history in Taiwan. To support an academic research, the ITH is responsible for collection and collation all of valuable Taiwan-related documents when the ITH was in a period of fieldwork research laboratory. In 2004, the “Historical Records Office” was established, and at the end of year 2009, the Archives of the ITH was formally founded. The service of Archives of the ITH is to collect, reorganize, digitize and open an access to extend Taiwan-related history.

According to the source of archives, the collections of Archives of the ITH can be divided into three categories. Such as Family and Folk Records, Personal Papers and Institutional Archives. The type of Archives is diverse, which contains not only contracts, account books, correspondences and official records, but also images like photographs, postcards, maps and photo albums and so on. The time of these archives are from the year of 1723 to the period of postwar. Because of characteristics of the first-hand historical materials as well as sustainable use of digital archives, the Taiwan Archival Information System was be founded which organizes all of collections, supports to manage, reorganizes and opens data for use.

The collections available on the Taiwan Archival Information System include Family and Folk Records, like the Archives of Pan Family of Lahodoboo, the Records of Cang Dajing Family, and the Records of Jin Guangfu etc. Personal Papers: Michael H. Collections, Yang Yunping Papers, Wu Xinrong Papers, Chen Chengpo Papers and Artworks. Institutional Archives, such as the Archives of Taiwan Sotokufu monopoly bureau, the Archives of Taiwan Sotokufu forestry, Archives of Taiwan Provincial Interim Consultative Council and Archives of Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council and so on. The catalogue is open for search, and some digital images are available browse online to public. For obtain complete resources and get more informations, please visit the Archives of the ITH.

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