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Resource nameMinistry of Culture—National Repository of Cultural Heritage
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The National Repository of Cultural Heritage is an infrastructural sub-plan of the e-Culture Construction and Development Plan of the Executive Yuan's "Challenge 2008 Six-Year National Development Plan". It is the first systematic collection and collation plan of cultural and artistic resources in Taiwan. Not only does it use digitalization to preserve precious cultural and artistic resources so they are not damaged or destroyed, but it also utilizes an exciting and interesting digitalized cultural information to enrich online content. It provides 15 different types of resources, comprised of old photographs, art, music, drama, dance, comics, literature, architecture, film, old maps, artifacts, old newspaper, Book of Han, historic documents, and television newsreels. There are 1.04 million entries of annotated material, and 1.08 million digital artifacts; the public can easily go online and browse the beauty of Taiwan's culture without the restriction of time or space.

The main objectives behind the establishment of the National Repository of Cultural Heritage are as follows:

1、To integrate the cultural resources of every region of Taiwan and to provide mechanisms that will allow every citizen of Taiwan to participate in cultural preservation, thereby achieving the effective accumulation of cultural assets.

2、To provide an interdisciplinary research platform that will help to reduce re-duplication in the collection and searching of data by both researchers and other users. The database will be available to all citizens.

3、The innovation and development provided by different users will help to give new vitality to the cultural resources included in the database, and will facilitate the repurposing of these resources, thereby helping to strengthen the overall level of culture in Taiwan.

4、The database will help to introduce Taiwanese culture to the rest of the world, providing a showcase for Taiwan’s cultural achievements.

In the ACROSS (Archives Cross Boundaries) system, the two resource types are provided, "Old photographs" and "Historical documents". The major sources of the old photographs are the Central Daily News, the Central News Agency, old photographs from the National Taiwan University during the Japanese colonial era, the Council for Cultural Affairs collection and the Executive Yuan Government Information Office collections. There are over 30,000 entries of historical documents, with around 3,000 entries from the more renowned Lahodoboo Settlement documents, provided by the National Taiwan Museum and National Taiwan University respectively. And there are also 1,145 very valuable items from the National Taiwan Museum.

The National Repository of Cultural Heritage provides multiple search mechanisms and is open for the public to use. It includes information such as item name, date of publication, author, provider, and the collection organization.

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