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Resource nameNational Taiwan University-Yasusada Tashiro Collection
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Yasusada Tashiro (also known as Antei Tashiro) was a botanist and an anthropologist. He came to Taiwan in 1895 and worked as a technician for the government. He was the founding father of Hengchun Tropical Botanical Garden. After his death in 1928, the University Librarian, Professor Chōzaburō Tanaka, insisted that Tashiro’s manuscripts and books should be kept at Taihoku Imperial University (the predecessor of National Taiwan University) for his many contributions to Taiwan. The database mainly consists of Tashiro’s manuscripts, including his field notes, research reports, and proposals to the government, which provides first-hand materials for researching Taiwan, Japan (especially, Okinawa prefecture), and Nanyang area.

CooperationNational Taiwan University