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Resource nameTaiwan Historica—Taiwan Sotokufu Gazette Database
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The Taiwan Sotokufu was the highest executive administrative organ in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. All news on administrative decrees can be found accurately in the Taiwan Sotokufu Gazette. Therefore the Taiwan Sotokufu Gazette was the most important governmental news source during the period of Japanese colonial rule. It was founded in 1896 and in the beginning it was attached as an appendix to the Number 13 "Taiwan News Newspaper". The main content was a reprint of legislations and decrees on Taiwan announced in the Japanese government's "Official Gazette", as well as reports, legislation, government decrees, instructions, notices and policies published by the Taiwan Sotokufu. Only from 1900 was it issued by the Taiwan Sotokufu. On 31 March 1942, Taiwan Sotokufu's "Government Gazette" was renamed the "Official Gazette".

Taiwan Historica has digitalized these files to be available for use online. This makes it easier for public use and promotion, and it can also promote the study of historical resources. There are 12,016 issues of Taiwan Sotokufu Government Gazette and 1,027 issues of Taiwan Sotokufu Official Gazette, totaling 13,043 issues.

For viewing or copying of the files, please see the Taiwan Historical Digital Archives' copying regulations (

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