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Resource nameNational Palace Museum—Index to Qing Archival Volumes
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The Department of Rare Books and Historical Documents of the National Palace Museum published in 1982 the General Catalog of the Qing Archival Materials in the National Palace Museum. In 2002, through its participation in the National Digital Archives Program, the entries in the Catalog were reorganized into the database Index to Qing Archival Documents and Volumes, covering 9 categories of materials in the collection, including official publications, local histories, documents of the Historiography Institutes, copies of palace memorials from the Grand Council, and miscellanies. Of these, the digital image database of the Biographical Packs and Drafts of the Historiography Institutes first went online in 2006. The others are still being digitized.

This database, completed in 2006, covers the 43,000 Qing archival volumes in the collection of the National Palace Museum, and it is available for online browsing by the public. The database is designed to facilitate archival management by the staff of the Museum and, at the same time, to help the users quickly locate the materials required prior to coming to the Museum for paging service.

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