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Resource nameNational Chung Hsing University—Taiwan Agricultural History Digital Archives during the Japanese Colonial Period—Graduate Theses
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This digital archive of the National Chung University Library houses a collection of theses which were written from 1924 to 1944 by the graduate students of the Agriculture and Forestry Division affiliated to the Taihoku Imperial University. The research of the collection is Taiwan-centered and covers agronomy, forestry, biomes, soil, transportation technologies and market survey, etc. The original copies of the theses are all hand written. They are extremely valuable and serve as a good reference to Taiwan’s historical development during the Japanese colonial period. It is expected this archive can significantly help researchers in the related fields to better understand the political, economic and social changes of that time.

Since the hand-written theses are aged and too fragile to be regularly retrieved, digitization is considered a good way to preserve and improve access to this precious collection. NCHU Library has involved in the "Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program” of the National Science Council since 2008. Out of 673 volumes of the theses, NCHU Library has carefully selected part of them which were identified to be important to the history of agricultural development as the first stage of the digitization efforts. Currently, two types of databases are available for free access: full-text electronic files and image files.

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