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Resource nameNational Taiwan University -Legal Image Database
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The Legal Image Database project is a sub-project of the Taiwan Database for Empirical Legal Studies (TaDELS).

Advances in digital imaging technology have made it possible to better reflect the significance of law and society in Taiwan through images and video. When Professor Yan Chueh-an and Assistant Professor Chen Chao-ju launched the Taiwan Database for Empirical Legal Studies (TaDELS) project in 2006, they sought to elucidate the ways in which abstract legal statues are concretized in people’s experience through innovative means. Materials in the Legal Image Database record legal dimensions of daily life through photographs, allowing the researcher to encounter the diverse legal relationships and normative language of everyday Taiwanese life. Materials are contemporary, yet often offer a look into the past. This database contains photographs of many types of signs and other notices in public and private areas, but also provides links to relevant laws and regulations, judicial decisions, news reports, and other materials.

The Legal Image Database contains entries of images that divided into five categories:

1. Social Order

2. Legal Orders Promotion

3. Personal Safety

4. Traffic Safety

5. Miscellaneous. Each of them is further divided into sub-categories based on the locations where the images took .

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