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Resource nameNational Taiwan University-Legal Audiovisual Archives Database
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The Legal Audiovisual Archives Database project is a sub-project of the Taiwan Database for Empirical Legal Studies (TaDELS). Spearheaded by National Chung-Cheng University Department of Law Professor Kuo Shu-chin, this one-year project aimed to reflect Taiwanese legal culture through dynamic visual content.

This database differs from the other database offering visual content (warning sign images, etc.) in that it focuses on video, with special attention to Taiwanese Chinese-language movies and documentaries about law and life, or those which otherwise hold significance for law. It aims to strengthen the role of legal research in the uncovering, documenting and analysis of social issues in Taiwan. At present, it contains 232 entries, which are browsable by type, length and date. While it does not offer online viewing, the database references audiovisual materials which depict legal phenomena in order to promote empirical legal research and as well as educational use.

CooperationNational Taiwan University