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The former Chinese Taipei Film Archive (CTFA) was upgraded as Taiwan Film Institute (TFI) in July 2014. TFI is currently the only institute dedicated to film preservation in Taiwan. The Ministry of Culture provides a budget every year for its operation in preservation, education, promotion and research. For many years TFI has been dedicated to the acquisition, restoration and preservation of film cultural heritage. The institute employs top professionals in the country. Its collection contains 14,667 Taiwan films, including newsreels, documentaries and feature films made by the Taiwan Film Culture Company; documentaries and feature films produced by China Movie Studio as well as feature films of Taiwanese dialect and Mandarin produced by other public and private film companies.

In 1995, CTFA became a member of FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives), it is one of the few institutions in the country participating an international film organization.

In 2007, to cooperate with the implementation of the Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project, the newsreels of Taiwan Film Culture Company under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Culture have been digitized to establish a database. The website users could access the materials by browsing, retrieving and searching the database. In addition, this opportunity has been used to establish the process of film digitization and related standard operation procedures and to build up experience in film digitization so that this can serve as the foundation of the future film digitization center.

The Taiwan Film Culture Company newsreels from 1945-1962 are the only news moving images which still exist before the appearance of televisions in Taiwan and are rare historical resources. Other important collections are mandarin films made from 1960s to 1980s, and Taiwanese dialect films. Another important step for TFI is that it started digital restoration of classical Taiwan films in 2013.

The Taiwan Film Institute strives to bring together film preservation technology and talents for the Program, as well as to nurture more audio-visual professionals so that our country can take a major step forward in the preservation of film cultural heritage and audio-visual digitization.

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