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Resource nameNational Library of Public Information—Digital Archive Service—Old newspapers
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The National Library of Public Information (NLPI), the first national digital public library in Taiwan, holds a rich digital collection of old literatures. Of that, old newspapers and old Japanese books are most valuable, which are archived and opened to the public through the Digital Archive Service Network. The ACROSS covers these two old literatures of digital resources for promotion public to use.

Old Newspapers – The digital archive of old newspapers contains a collection of 20 different newspapers published before 1961. These include Taiwan People News, Righteous China Monthly, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Weekly Gazette, Laborer's News, Taitung News, Dahua News, Keng Sheng Daily News and Photography News, and etc. The originals have been scanned in black and white with news headlines and title used for easier search.

Old Japanese Books–This is the first digital archive that is based on the old Japanese books with the topic on Taiwan history in Japanese period. It has enhanced the usage of Taiwan's historical resources of the Japanese period and made these valuable resources more accessible and popular by adding their values. At present there are 4,709 digitalized volumes.

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