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Resource nameInstitute of Yilan County History—Yilan Cultural Knowledge Digital Database
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By 2014 the Institute of Yilan County History has run for 20 years ever since the establishment of the preparatory office in 1992. Throughout the years, the Institute has collected tens of thousands of historical materials; moreover, its related publications have won numerous awards.

The Yilan Cultural Knowledge Digital Database was established to fulfill multiple goals: to increase the utilization and application of the digital archives and promote the re-use of cultural heritage, provide remote government services, serve as the base of teaching resources of all elementary and middle schools in the County to achieve dual usage for education and culture, and to cultivate citizens who treasure their history.

It is divided into three main categories: "Historical materials", "Yilan County", "Institute publications". Their contents are as follows:

1."Historical materials" provides the digital archive resources based on the Institute's long-term plans, including the completed ones and these still in progress, including old photographs, historic documents, official records, documents since the Japanese colonial era, contemporary county government development information,etc.

2."Yilan County" is a selection of resources with Yilan as its theme. These include people, incidents and artifacts with written descriptions accompanied by photographs and produced into themed exhibitions.

3."Institute publications" include all the published works of the Institute in digital format for downloading, for the convenience of public use.

Yilan Cultural Knowledge Digital Database incorporates all the digital resources of the Institute and will be expanded continuously. It is an essential research resource for Yilan studies.

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