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Resource nameNational Taiwan University -Taiwanese Land Deeds Database
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This database consists of old deeds from Southern Taiwan archived by NTU Library and includes rare examples of ancient contracts from places such as Madou, Xiaolongshe, Jiali Xingzhuang, dating from 1773 to 1905.

The collection also contains deeds from the Zheng Liyuan Shop on Beimen Street in Zhuqian, then Hsinchu. Dating from 1773 to 1896, these deeds were left to posterity by the founders of the successful family-run “Zheng Liyuan Shop,” Zheng Yongmuo and his fourth son, Zheng Rufan, to be later collected by Mr. Zheng Hua.

Deeds from the Taipei City Archives dating from 1723 to 1910 are also accessible, with examples from districts and townships of both Taipei City and County such as Songshan, Datong, Wanhua, Xinyi, Shilin, Neihu, Zhongzheng, Shenkeng, Banqiao, Taishan, Bali, Sanzhi, Danshui, Pingxi).

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