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Resource nameNational Tsing Hua University-Yeh Jung-Chung Digital Archives for Taiwan Studies
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The establishment plan of the " Building Yeh Jung-Chung digital archives " was the first digital archiving plan undertaken by the National Tsing Hua University Library, and mainly comprised the digital preservation of the " Yeh Jung-Chung Resource Archive."

Mr. Yeh Jung-Chung (1900-1978) served as the secretary of Mr. Lin Hsien-Tang. Apart from participating in political activities, he was a classical poet, journalist, editor and a critic. He also founded various magazines with his friends, such as the "Morning Bell" and the "Southern Voice." In 1942, he officially became a member of "Lishe" (a poetry society during the Japanese colonial era) and became a prominent figure in Taiwan's pre-war and post-war political, economic and cultural circles. In addition, Mr. Yeh was deeply interested in history; he wrote and collected numerous resources on history. The contents of the resources included political, social and cultural movements from the middle of the Japanese colonial era to the post war 1970s. He collected over 3,000 books, manuscripts, correspondence and other invaluable historical resources over the course of his life, and the collection can be seen as a condensation of Taiwan's culture, society and politics from the pre-war and post-war periods. Mr. Yeh's descendants donated this valuable collection completely to the National Tsing Hua University Library for archiving on 4 September 2003.

In May 2004, National Tsing Hua University Library participated in the Taiwan Digital Archives Program Open Selection Plan for the first time. The 3 year plan (May 2004–May 2007) was implemented to undertake the sorting, editing, content analysis and digitalization of the "Yeh Jung-Chung Resource Archive." The collection was sorted into 13 categories: politics and society, economy, literature, correspondence, chronological tables, biographies, letters, journals, certificates, photographs, documents/artifacts, news clippings, and miscellaneous. In total there are 16,202 pages of archived image files with 19,058 metadata, and the volume of the image files is around 1,132 GB. "Yeh Jung-Chung Digital Archives for Taiwan Studies" is free to the public, so that it can serve as an academic platform to promote the research, teaching and international collaboration of Taiwan history studies.

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