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Resource nameNational Pingtung University of Science and Technology—Digital Library of Liudui Hakka Artifacts
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Meinong district is rich in unique Taiwanese Hakka culture, due to the efforts throughout the years by members of society. The traditional culture is preserved and passed down. How to promote and rejuvenate the legacies passed down by the Hakka ancestors through modern technology is a question worthy of thought. When it comes to the preservation of culture and arts, the life experience and craft skills from the past can never stand up to the test of time, most of the artworks and life knowledge wither away with age and not much of the legacy is left behind. But, the advance of technology and the development of the internet have brought about revolutionary changes to our lives. The comprehensiveness of the online environment enables a highly convenient exchange of information that is not limited by space or time.

Due to this, we utilized information technology to establish the "Meinong Imagery Digital Museum". Culture is the best innovative element for the development of the Hakka legacy, art and culture is necessary as the foundation of Hakka culture rejuvenation and legacy development. The digital preservation and presentation of the hundred years of Meinong Hakka community culture will serve as a positive and proactive force behind Hakka culture rejuvenation and legacy development. The plan is implemented and led by Professor Lai Sang-Song of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology's Department of Fashion Design and Management, co-directed by Professor Kung Hsu-Yang of the Department of Management Information System. Pintung County Government Hakka Affairs Bureau, Kaohsiung Hakka Cultural Affairs Foundation, Hakka Affairs Commission of the Kaohsiung City Government, and Yueguang Mountain Magazine have been invited to participate in the plan.

CooperationNational Pingtung University of Science and Technology