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Resource nameTaiwan Historica—Taiwan Provincial Level Institution Archives
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The Taiwan Provincial Government Archive, which is administered under the partnership of Taiwan Historica and the Taiwan Provincial Government, contains the surviving documents of all agencies and organizations under the Provincial Government (including those from Commission meetings, Provincial meetings, departments, bureaus, agencies, offices and groups). The Taiwan Provincial Government was founded on 16 May 1947 with Wei Tao-Ming as the first Taiwan Provincial Chairperson. There were four departments and five bureaus (Department of Finance, Department of Construction, Department of Education, Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry later changed to Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Secretariat Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Social Affairs Bureau, Health Bureau, Accounting Bureau). In 1948 the Police Bureau, Bureau of Transportation, News Bureau, Food Bureau, Bureau of Statistics and Accounting were established, then combined to form the Bureau of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, and the Personnel Bureau was also established that year.

In 1949, after the resolution passed by the Executive Yuan, the Provincial Government structure was expanded to include 23 committee members. Later, Bureau of Housing and Urban Development, Land Affairs Bureau, Military Service Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Labor Bureau and Bureau of Government Ethics were all established. The list of Provincial Chairperson include Wei Tao-Ming, Chen Cheng, Wu Guo-Zhen, Yu Hong-Jun, Yen Chia-Kan, Zhou Zhi-Rou, Huang Jie, Chen Ta-Ching, Hsieh Tung-Min, Lin Yang-Kang, Lee Teng-Hui, Chiu Chuang-Huan, Lien Chan, Soong Chu-Yu; the elected Provincial Governor include Soong -Chu-Yu. In 1997, after constitutional amendments, Taiwan Provincial Government was streamlined and curtailed under the central government. Hence after the completion of the term by the first elected Provincial Governor in 1998, official streamlining began (6 departments, 19 bureaus and 6 agencies remained). Therefore, the archives stored by the Taiwan Provincial Government from its establishment to after the streamlining spanned a period of around 52 years, with an estimate of 3.175 million pages. Currently the documents are archived at the Taiwan Provincial Government Archives (originally the Archives of the Secretariat Bureau, during the early periods of the Taiwan Provincial Government it was the 4th Office of the Secretariat Bureau known as the Doucette Office, which housed and managed records from 12 units, namely the Secretariat, Civil, Finance, Education, Construction, Agriculture, Transport, Police, Social, Accounting, Personnel, and New Departments. Please see the Taiwan provincial Government website for the history of archives and records management.

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