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Resource nameTaiwan Historica—Provincial Government Committee Meeting Records(維修中)
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There are many records within the Taiwan Provincial Government. The most important ones are the records on the Provincial Government Committee meetings, discussions of the Chairperson, Provincial Administration meetings and joint conferences. From the first Chairperson Wei Tao-Ming to the last Chairperson Lin Gang-Hua, there have been a total of 18 Provincial Government Chairpersons and one Provincial Governor within a period spanning over half a century. The meeting records are on decisions and strategies made by the Taiwan Provincial Government; these are major resources on the development of the Taiwan Provincial Administration and also primary sources of history.

This batch of records is mainly about the Committee meetings, including 2,206 Committee meetings, 1,104 discussions of the Chairperson, 192 Provincial administration meetings, 24 meetings between the Committee and the Chairperson, 26 Committee meetings and reports to the Supervisor, 61 joint conferences of committee meetings and supervisor reports, 246 general affairs meetings, 27 coordination meetings with the Chief Secretary, 19 support staff meetings.

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