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Resource nameTaiwan Historica—Taiwan Salt Industry Documents(維修中)
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The archive collection of Taiwan Historica on Taiwan's Salt Industry spans the Japanese colonial era to after the recovery period. There are 912 volumes from the Japanese colonial era and 31,712 volumes from after the recovery, totaling 32,624 volumes.

This plan proposed spending 4 years (2009-2012) to complete the digitalization of the collection and systematically establishing a digital archive of Taiwan's Salt Industry, which will be the largest digital archive on "Taiwan Salt Industry Archive Collection". This will be able to provide the public with resources for learning more about the Taiwan salt industry, as well as providing local and international scholars with historical resources on the hundred years of trade, commerce and economics in Taiwan and develop a long-term perspective on the salt industry of Taiwan.

For viewing or copying of the files by the public, please see the Taiwan Historica Digital Archives' copying regulations (

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