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Resource nameNational University of Tainan-Digital Archives of Japanese Colonial-Age Literature-Old Japanese Books, Images and Phtographes(維修中)
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The main goal of the "Digital Archives of Japanese Colonial-Age Literature, National University of Tainan" is to digitalize the old Japanese books and documents in the National University of Tainan Library collection so that these fragile historical resources can be preserved and displayed through an online platform for public use. This plan had produced the digitalization of 58 rare books and 18,844 images as well as an "e-Book Database". In addition, images, photographs, statistic charts, distribution diagrams, maps and other important information related to Taiwan history as well as 930 images were selected for establishing an "Image and Photograph Database". In order to facilitate the permanent preservation of historical resources, increase usage, solve the conflict betwwn physical collection and usage, this plan not only digitalize old Japanese books, but also online browsing is provided to cross distance and time. The resources can be used for research and be promoted and value-added. It is the hope that this will be a sustainable archive with continued usage.

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