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Resource nameThe National Science and Technology Museum—Industrial Heritage in Taiwan—Archives
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The Industrial Heritage in Taiwan website is the initial collaboration result of the Research and Collection of Industrial History and Assets in Taiwan between the Industrial Development Bureau in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the National Science and Technology Museum. Five major Taiwanese industries have been chosen for historic research, historic artifact collection, oral history interviews, and data digitization process: semiconductors, petrochemicals, food, household appliances, and steel.

It is hoped that through this process, tangible and intangible industrial cultural heritage such as artifacts and historical documents, and oral history can be obtained to showcase Taiwan's industrial development.

In 2011, a sixth industry was added: the digital content of the Copper Mould Industry is the results of the Digital Archives Project for Matrices of Regular Traditional Chinese Script and Related Fonts, funded by the Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program. The project recast 3,780 Fengxing Matrices held at the National Science and Technology Museum. After the resulting fonts are restored and digitized, the project will preserve them in their entirety. The Fengxing Matrices are one of two remaining regular Chinese script matrices in all of Taiwan; they are a testament to the history of the Taiwanese printing industry. The project functionally preserves regular traditional Chinese typescript and gives this representative script a new life in the digital age.

This database offers search functions for the artifacts, photographs, documents and oral history of these six industries.

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