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Resource nameTaiwan Historica—Taiwan Colonization Company Archive
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From 19-23 October 1935, the Sotokufu Government used reasons such as "boosting the economy of the Malay Archipelago and southern China", "aiding business and investments", "boosting industries", and "improving finance, culture, and transportation" in order to convene the Commission of Tropical Industry Investigation and propose the establishment of a colonial organization. This was the beginning of the "Taiwan Colonization Company". The Colonial Industry Bureau of the Sotokufu was responsible for the promotion and planning, and finally in June 1936, the National Congress of Japan passed the bill for the "Taiwan Colonization Company". On 5 December of the same year, Taiwan Colonization Company started operations officially.

The Taiwan Colonization Company Archive spans 1936 to 1946. These archives are from the headquarters and the company’s businesses in Taiwan, with lists of shareholders, organizations, and the mobilization of human and financial resources, investigational reports, proposals, final business reports. These are key sources on the later periods of Japanese occupation of Taiwan regarding economic policies and strategies on the economic invasion of south-east Asia.

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