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Resource nameTaiwan Historica— The Taiwan Province Production Industry Archives(維修中)
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The Taiwan Province Production Industry Management Commission was established in June 1949 and abolished in September 1953. The surviving documents include general affairs documents such ast the Taiwan Province Production Industry Management Commission Organizational Outline; regulations on individual production sections or organizational restructuring, merging, renaming etc.; business plans of each production section; important contracts with the public; funding operations; earning allocation; budget and accounts and other sections(Japanese reparation resource section, equipment section , general affairs section, agenda section, industry finance section); all production section reports, financial statements, all review session records and general affairs meeting minutes.

After the Taiwan Province Production Industry Management Commission, it controlled the funding, material, commerce, pricing and all other resources for the business operation of the public enterprises. It dominated the running of all public enterprises operations and had due to the situations back then, required the paper company, alkali company to decrease their operations and cut down on their staff. The Camphor Agency had also had a decrease in operations and staff lay-offs due to a surplus of products, in the end, the decreased market demand and changes in exchange rates caused it to contract, and it was merged into the Camphor Factory under the Monopoly Bureau and eventually disbanded. The Medical Equipment Company was also disbanded. The changes in organizations described above can be seen in the meeting resolutions of the Taiwan Province Production Industry Management Commission.

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