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Resource nameAwakening Foundation-Digital Archives for Women’s Movement

The advancement of information technology and national digital archives has made it possible to preserve and distribute materials on women's movements. The project aims to establish a database archive for the women's movement. Currently, existing national digital archives lack content on women's movements. We seek to correct that problem as well as increase the overall content of the database archive. We also want to raise the awareness on women's movements records, and allow women's organizations to review and construct their own history. We hope that as time passes, this archive will preserve the records of women's movements and pass on the spirit of these movements. The archive will pay tribute to those honorable predecessors, and provide our children with valuable knowledge to fulfill their lives.

The database will mainly focus on preserving materials from the Awakening Foundation, the organization with the longest history in fighting for women's rights after the war in Taiwan. The Archive will include content from Awakening Magazine and Stir, magazines and quarterlies published by the foundation. The content of the archive covers topics on women's rights over the years, as well as relevant news reports, reviews, seminars, and records. More database access will be provided to the public in the future. By connecting with existing platforms on gender issues and social movements, we will build a more comprehensive database with rich content that reflects the value of diversity.

The project has the following objectives:

1. Systematically archive and record a variety of digital data on women's movements;

2. Collect digital material on women's movements; open the database for public access and promote dialogue.

3. Maintain a non-governmental historical perspective.

4. Develop future women's rights activists.

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