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Resource nameNational Chengchi University—Intellectuals and Taiwan’s democratization: The Intellectual magazine

This collection includes the uncensored, original copies of The Intellectual magazine from issues 37 to 60, which included 950 articles. The magazine was regarded as the journal that represented the development of Taiwan's democratic movements, candidly advocated liberty, democracy, and political reform, and expressed its deep concerns for Taiwan’s political reality.

Founded by Deng Wei-zhen, a psychology graduate from NTU, The Intellectual magazine (1968 - 1987) was initially a magazine about literature and culture, which became a political journal in 1970 after going through organizational restructuring.

From 1971 to 1972, the magazine formed strong lineups of its Publisher Affairs Committee and Editorial Board with scholars from Taiwan and mainland China, such as Chang Jun-hong, Chen Gu-ying , Chen Shao-ting, Yang Guo-shu et al, and showed its great influence. Several articles published from issue 37 to 60, such as "A Letter to Mr. Chiang Ching-kuo", "Analysis of Taiwan's Social Force", "A Forthright Statement about the Country" and "Nine Propositions on the Country", had a tremendous impact on society and public opinion around that time. In February, 1973, after the incident involving the Philosophy Department (NTU), Yang Guo-shu, Editor-in-Chief, and editorial board members Chang Jun-hong and Chen Gu-ying left the magazine successively, the magazine's influence on politics and society gradually weakened. The Intellectual Magazine was finally discontinued in 1987.

Not only did the magazine recorded and discussed the R.O.C. government's withdrawal from the United Nations (1971), and the diplomatic relation established between Japan and People’s Republic of China (1972), it also voiced the intellectuals’ opinions about the Diaoyutai Movement, the Popular Election of Representatives in the Central Government, the "Voice of a Citizen" Criticism, One Million Hours' Dedication Movement, and various social issues during the martial law era.

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