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Resource nameNational Chengchi University—Chen Fang-ming Manuscripts

"Chen Fang-Ming Manuscripts" digital collection includes 1,669 manuscripts written by Professor Chen Fang-Ming over the past thirty years (1983 - 2012). This collection includes "A Critical Biography of Hsieh Hsueh-hung", "A History of Modern Taiwanese Literature", and various manuscripts written for columns or political commentaries. The earliest manuscript available is "Late-night at Chianan Plain".

Professor Chen is a well-known Taiwanese writer and critic. Dedicating himself in political democratization movements during his early years in the United States and Taiwan, he now focuses on literature and academic research. His work covers a wide range of literary genre, including prose, modern Chinese poetries, essays, political commentaries, book reviews, historical biographies and various papers on literature and history. As an intellectual, his works reflect his romantics, revolutionary sprits, and also his experience related to politic reality.

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