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Resource nameTaipei Public Library—Digital Archive System

Since its establishment in December, 2009, the Taipei Public Library's "Digital Archive System" has preserved both physical and non-physical copies of precious documents with information technology through digitalization and metadata. The digital archive also provides an online platform that offers various services such as browsing categories and conducting meta-search open to public access and academic research institutions.

The "Digital Archive System" has preserved manuscripts, cartoons, photographs, sheet music, and memorabilia/awards for the various events held by the library. The collection includes content on literature, architecture, Taipei's history, music, transportation, and the history of the library itself, covering dates from Japanese-occupied period to early revival period in Taiwan and the Republic of China. There are currently over 3,000 digital items in the archive, and the library will continue to add more content to preserve the library's collections and records of significant events, in order to enhance the distribution, application, and inheritance of the library's assets.

CooperationTaipei Public Library