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Resource namePhotographical Database of the History of Academia Sinica

The Photographical Database of the History of Academia Sinica preserves invaluable photos from when Academia Sinica was first re-established in Taiwan. Under the various themes of convocations, the Council of Academia Sinica, public affairs, management terms of office, academic interaction and cooperation, general and administrative affairs, and general meetings, the database displays in full milestones in the development of Academia Sinica. In the early days after the re-establishment, with only two Schools and a few dozen staff, Academia Sinica endured all hardship and devoted itself to academic research and institute development to achieve the status of international academic excellence that it enjoys today.

Our database has already compiled 3390 images with complementary data on the persons, events, times, locations, and objects involved. For the general public interested in the development of Academia Sinica, these are indispensable research materials.

CooperationCenter for Digital Cultures, Academia Sinica