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Resource nameTimelines Information System

TIS (Timelines Information System), a new type of database developed by the Digital Database Working Group of the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, provides timelines to search two hundred years of modern history archives. This database collects the Modern China Historical Diary and the Republic of China Historical Diary, which compiled by Mr. Ting-Yi Guo, the founder of Institute of Modern History, as well as the Compilation Draft of Major Events of the President Chiang Era, which published by the Chung-Cheng Foundation. The database also collects diaries of historical figures in modern history, such as Mr. Yong-Chang Hsu, former First-Rank General of the Army of the Republic of China and former Minister of Defense, and Mr. Shi-Jie Wang, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of Academia Sinica, in order to provide multiple perspectives on historical research. The system is under development and it will offer diverse historical materials such as letters of celebrities, literary collections, historical images, and periodicals for retrieval in the future.

Cooperation Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica