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Resource nameNational Taiwan University-Collection of Yun-Ping Yang

Yun-Ping Yang (1906-2000), real name Yo-lian, was known to the world by his pen name Yun-Ping as well as "Yun-Ping Yang the Poet, Yun-Ping Yang the Historian." In 1925, with his friend Meng-Bi Jiang, he founded Everyone (Ren Ren), the first vernacular literature magazine in Taiwan. In 1926, he departed for Japan to pursue his studies in literature. In 1932, he returned to Taiwan and devoted himself to research in the history of the Southern Ming and of Taiwan, becoming a scholar of both history and literature. In 1934, Professor Yang married Ms. Yue-Li Huang. Their profound marital bond aided in their efforts at promoting academic studies and culture. After the war, he was consecutively Senator in the Administration Ministry of Taiwan Province and Board Member of the Taiwan Province Institute for Compilation and Translation. In 1947, National Taiwan University made an unprecedented move by directly appointing him Professor, teaching the history of the Southern Ming and of Taiwan for 30 years until his retirement in 1977.

This database is a collection of the manuscripts, books, and periodicals left behind by Professor Yun-Ping Yang.


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