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Resource nameAcademia Historica Collections Online System

Academia Historica's holdings include records, historical materials, and presidential and vice-presidential records and artifacts transferred or donated by organizations and private individuals. The most famous of these are the so-called "Daxi Archives," a collection of documents originally assembled and maintained by aides to former President Chiang Kai-shek. Also included are many important documents from the National Resources Commission and the Council of Agriculture that reflect the course of social and economic development. Original copies of the "Japanese Instrument of Surrender," the "Act of Surrender - China Theatre," the "Provisional Constitution for the Period of Political Tutelage of the Republic of China," and the "Constitution of the Republic of China" have been declared National Treasures in accordance with the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act, while the "Instrument of Surrender of the Japanese Forces in Hong Kong" and "Sun Yat-sen's Hand-drawn Illustration of the Principle of the People's Livelihood" have been declared Significant Antiquities.

Acting in line with the principle of open government, Academia Historica maintains Academia Historica Collections Online System ( to facilitate public access. Users can first use the system to search for specific records and artifacts, then use the locator information provided by the system to directly peruse any records that are available for online access, or they can submit an online application for onsite access and proceed to the Taipei Branch digital archives reading room or the original archives inspection room at the Xindian Branch to view archives.

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