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Resource nameExecutive Yuan─Digital Archive

 The Executive Yuan Digital Archive was established in accordance with the government’s open data guidelines for the Executive Yuan and its subordinate agencies, announced on February 23, 2013. Its purpose is to digitize the Executive Yuan’s audiovisual records on government administration and socioeconomic development, and put them online in an open data repository that anyone can access. 
The digital archive contains photographs and videos of Taiwan’s premiers at public events dating back to the 1950s, as well as promotional audios and images on government policies. Some of these materials come from the Taiwan Image film archive created under the former Government Information Office. With over 13,000 records accumulated so far, the digital archive continues to grow. 
The digital archive website features several sections, including Recent Videos (videos of the current premier), Past Premiers (videos of past premiers), Albums (photographs of premiers), Moments (videos and photos of key moments in Taiwan history), Topics (multimedia presentations of policy accomplishments) and Policy Gallery (videos, audios and brochures on Executive Yuan policies). Through these treasured images, the digital archive can preserve an important part of Taiwan’s history and serve as a link among generations.

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