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Resource nameIndigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center, Council of Indigenous Peoples—Taiwan Indigenous Digital Archives of Tribal Culture

 Cultural diversity is an issue that is of great concern currently to many countries in the world, and it has drawed a considerable amount of attention. Taiwan is the birthplace of the Austronesian languages, therefore, the cultural history as well as literature, music, dance, and crafts of the indigenous people of Taiwan are important cultural heritages of the human civilization. When examining this important cultural heritage that originates from Taiwan, interpretation, promotion, and utilization must be carried out through the perspective of the indigenous people.

Currently, the collection of the Taiwan Indigenous Digital Archives includes: Taiwan indigenous cultural video and audio files, literature and artist information, ethnology research reports and literature reviews, indigenous tribal and private museum digital materials, and materials on the research of traditional settlements of indigenous people (including ancient trails) and their cultural and historical memories.

Cultural heritage on the indigenous people is an important asset for human civilization. This asset encompasses not only the history of the striving of early people, but also represents the developmental history of civilization, in which the diverse cultures respected one another. The digitization of the indigenous people's cultural heritage as a method of record preservation means that it will no longer be bound by the restrictions of time and space, and the knowledge can be passed down through the years to come for sharing and learning.

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