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Resource nameTaiwan Historica—The Monopoly Bureau Gazettes Database

  The monopoly bureau gazettes held by the Taiwan Historica include the Gazettes of Monopoly Bureau of Government of Taiwan (Taiwan Sotofu), Government-General of Chosen (Korea) and Ministry of Treasury (Okura Sho), published in Taiwan, Korea and Japan respectively during 1904-1945 under the Japanese rule.

The Monopoly Bureau of Government of Taiwan was an agency in charge of government monopolies, such as opium, salt, camphor, tobacco, liquor, beer, absolute alcohol, matches, weights and measures, petrol and fertiliser. The similar institutions were applied in Japan and Korea with less monopolistic items.

The Gazettes contain a variety of laws, ordinances, orders, notices of monopolies and related regulations, resolutions of government and departments, personnel orders, government-granted agents and retailers, reports, statistics and profits of the monopolistic business etc.

With the important resources, it outlines the implement of monopoly policies by the Japanese Empire from the international point of view, illustrates more details on the development of the monopoly system among Japan and its colonies, Taiwan and Korea,and explores their connections and the practice issues in monopoly operation.

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