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Resource nameCentral Bank of the Republic of China(Taiwan) Virtual Money Museum
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The Central Bank’s Virtual Money Museum utilizes a combination of rich and lively multimedia technologies to portray illustrations with text descriptions and storylines, exhibit 360° displays of banknotes and coins, and present animated videos and interactive games. It is a virtual museum that integrates knowledge and educational values with elements of fun. The website’s key contents include the following five sections:

I. Historical development and fun facts relating to banknotes and coins.

II. Image displays of banknotes and coins from different time periods. The key theme is Taiwan’s modern history around the issuing of banknotes and coins, which highlights the country’s local development context.

III. Introduction of the New Taiwan Dollar’s life cycle. Videos showing processes from currency design, printing/casting , issuing, and recycling to the destruction of unfit notes /coins are created and presented to the audience.

IV. Combines multimedia technologies for presenting an introduction of the New Taiwan Dollar’s security features and instructions on how to correctly utilize these features.

V. The digital archives database hosts information on banknotes and coins issued by the Central Bank throughout its entire history. The public can find this information using the website’s search system.

Furthermore, there are five different versions of the website – a general version, a children-friendly version, an English version, a mobile version, and one that takes the form of a virtual exhibition center. Each version is designed to suit people from different communities.

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