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Resource nameThe History of Ministry of Finance, ROC Online
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The “History of Ministry of Finance, ROC Online” website was launched on August 2, 2009 with the purpose of fully presenting the history of the Ministry of Finance. It is also an acknowledgment of the valuable efforts and wisdom contributed by experts, officials, and personnel engaged in public financial governance throughout history, and reflects a culture and an organizational image unique to the Ministry of Finance.

The website can be viewed in both Chinese and English versions, both hosting a collection of historical materials regarding financial affairs. Materials are separated into nine categories by nature of administrative purposes – tax administration, customs affairs, administration of national treasury affairs, tobacco and alcohol administration and issuance of lottery, fiscal information, national properties, international cooperation, promotion of private participation, and state-owned enterprises and the management of government shareholdings. Furthermore, historical materials are also categorized by their formats – including historical literature, chronicle of financial organizational history, financial system reform, important historical figures, facts, and events, important figures index, historical buildings, audio-visual programs, this day in the history of the Ministry of Finance, and Finance Inside.

From emulating other nations to independently pushing forward with innovation; from struggling to generate revenues that exceed expenditures to achieving a balance between income and outlay, the Ministry of Finance has come a long way in its development over the past century. Not only was a comprehensive financial system was established through system reform, economic miracles have been created in Taiwan by implementing financial measures and providing incentives. By documenting in detail the historical financial developments of the ROC, the website highlights the importance of this information.

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