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Resource nameThe Republic of China’s (ROC) Government Post Database
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The Republic of China’s (ROC) government post database contains an overview of all government official appointments and removals across all government agencies from the first year of the ROC till present. From the Beiyang government, the military government, the nationalist government, to when the Central People's government relocated into Taiwan, followed by governments that came into power after the adoption of the Constitution – a range of historical events are recorded as the government went through reforms and developments. The database contains an abundance of information on civil and military officials and is a comprehensive and publicly open archives - a type of archives that is rare in Taiwan - that documents the entire history of government officials and positions of the ROC, and is expected to serve the purpose of being an important source of historical information for historians and researchers.

Information contained in this database is compiled based on the personnel change directives published in Presidential Office gazettes. Due to changes in government systems, there are several titles to government gazettes. In chronicle order, the seven types of government gazettes are listed as follows:

I. Provisional gazette: February 13 1912 - April 26, 1912.

II. Provisional government gazette: January 29, 1912 - April 5, 1912 (dissolution of the provisional government).

III. Government gazette: May 1912 - June 1928.

IV. Military government gazette: September 17, 1917 - May 1918.

V. Generalissimo government gazette: January 30, 1922 - May 20, 1925.

VI. Nationalist government gazette: July 1, 1925 - May 19, 1948.

VII. Presidential Office gazette: Inaugurating issue on May 20, 1948 - present.

A special feature of the database is that it includes directives published in government gazettes from different time periods. It contains overviews of activities pertaining to civil and military officials, police officers, and other senior officials from central and local governments. Aside from both detailed and summarized information available for inquiry on the system, corresponding image files can also be accessed through search results.

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