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Resource nameNational Taiwan Library—Image System for Periodicals of the Japanese-ruled Period

The National Taiwan Library collected more than 300 periodicals published during the Japanese Colonial Era, which cover a wide variety of topics. For example, the Taiwan Governor-General Office implemented a new education system during the Japanese Colonial Era. If readers want to know the historical development of education at that time, they can take advantage of “The Taiwan Education Association Magazine” (later renamed as “Taiwan Education”) and newsletters issued by regional education associations. Besides, there are many other representative and longstanding periodicals published during the Japanese Colonial Era listed in this database. For example, “The Journal of Architectural Institute of Taiwan,” “The Taiwan Communications Association Magazine (later renamed as “The Taiwan Postal Association Magazine,”) and “The Taiwan Police Association Journal” (later renamed as “The Taiwan Police Times.”) All of these periodicals are essential research sources.
Due to the healthy and vibrant arts scene in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Era, there are many precious periodicals on arts and literature like “Silver Bell,” “Taiwan Modern Literature,” “Kireitou,” “Wild Grapes,” “Papaya,” and “Nihitaka,” are collected in the National Taiwan Library. Moreover, those periodicals are the only known copy in the world.
Other publications on civil affairs and industrial development published during the Japanese Colonial Era like “Taiwan Local Administration,” “Taiwan Prison Monthly Bulletin,” “Association of Townships and Cities Magazine,” “Taiwan’s water infrastructure,” “Taiwan Farmers’ Association Newsletter,” and “Taiwan Marine Affairs Association Newspaper” are crucial information for researchers to study Taiwan’s social, political and industrial development at that time.
In this database, you can also find the entertainment newspapers and magazines published during the Japanese Colonial Era. For example, “The Fong Yueh Tabloid,” “The New Taiwan Art Newspaper,” “The Interesting Hiking Association Newsletter,” “The art of Taiwanese Chess,” “Performing arts and movies,” and “Traveling and Fishing”. These collections show the lifestyle changes because of the improvement of economic condition. At that time, “The Fong Yueh Tabloid” rose to popularity because it not only published popular fiction but also held beauty contests that readers could vote by post. Another interesting and entertaining publication “The New Taiwan Art Newspaper” disseminated entertainment news about music, film, theatrical, dance or other art production. This publication is well-illustrated and contains comics, photographs and pictures.It’s interesting and entertaining.
Some journals on Religion listed in this database were also the only known copy in the world. For example, “the South Seas Buddhist Magazine,” (later renamed as “South Seas Buddhist,” “Taiwan Buddhist,”) “Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist Newspaper,” “Perfect Penetration,” and “Gospel and Church.”

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