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Resource nameNational Taiwan Library—Taiwan Politico-economic Information Database

The National Taiwan Library collects government publications from 1945 to 1994, which includes government publications of the Taiwan Provincial Administrative Executive Office and the Taiwan Provincial Government. The political and economic collections from 1941 to 1961 are the essential research sources. To increase access of these collections and to preserve the originals, these collections were digitized in 2014. “The Taiwan Politico-economic Information Database” was established to increase public access. All of these digitized collections and other previously digitized political and economic materials of Taiwan under Japanese rule can be accessed in this database.
During the Japanese Colonial Era, the Taiwan Governor-General Office conducted several research studies and investigations to understand the environment of Taiwan and the right way to govern Taiwan. Many reports and documents were hence compiled and published. The Taiwan Governor’s Library (now the National Taiwan Library) adopted the “Japanese and Chinese Classification Scheme for the Library of the Taiwan Governor’s Library.” The call number starts with 07 was assigned to the books about Taiwan in the collection. The class number 075 was assigned to the topic of politics, economics, and social science. Readers can find the books on political systems, administration, law, judicial systems, economy, land, lottery, finance, taxation, monopolies, colonial affairs, and statistics in this subcategory. Now all of these digitized collections are available for access in this database.
After the WW2, the collections of the Taiwan Governor’ s Library as well as many official publications published by the Taiwan Provincial Administrative Executive Office were transferred to the Taiwan Province Government Executive Office Library. There are many vital collections like materials on how to deal with the Japanese properties and the deportation of Japanese, propaganda materials printed to ban the circulation of Japanese books and promoting Mandarin, and minutes of meetings on the execution of local administration and parliamentary elections.

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