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Kaohsiung Museum of History (KMH) was founded on October 25, 1998. It was the first domestic museum established by the local government with the theme of urban history and devoted to preserving and promoting the history and culture of Kaohsiung. KMH collects cultural assets including historical relics and historical materials related to the living memory of residents of various eras in Kaohsiung, showing the development history of Kaohsiung and multicultural connotation. As a museum, it also gets on with systematically organizes, collects and maintains the collection. The main building of KMH was built during the Japanese rule period and has long been the administrative center of Kaohsiung City. Due to its rich historical and cultural significance, the Kaohsiung City Government listed it as a city-designated historic site in 2004.It has now become the best place for residents of Kaohsiung to travel and learn for life.

KMH collection contains more than 20,000 pieces,with various textures and categories, including historical documents, photos and images, lacquerware, fabrics, metalwork and shadow puppets,from the late Qing Dynasty, through Japanese colonial rule period, the early post-World War II period till today. In view of the rapid development of information technology, the digitalization of collections has become a common trend of museums all around the world. KMH has digitized all the collections and updated the collection inquiry and management system, for presenting the lately status of collections completely and provide inquiries and searches from all walks of life for all kinds of use.

For the application of image authorization, please read the relevant regulations first. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Lin of the Research Department of KMH (Tel: 07-531-2560 ext. 325, Email:

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