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Resource nameTaiwan Transitional Justice Database
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The period of authoritarian rule saw the jurisdiction of military tribunals being extended to ordinary citizens involved in political cases. Though the operation of military tribunals was claimed to follow legal procedure, its practices, in fact, frequently violated the democratic constitutional order and the principle of rule of law. The Taiwan Transitional Justice Database was established to make public these human rights abuses and lay the basis for future discussion on perpetrator accountability. The database is compiled from two sources: One is court materials originally collected for the administration of compensation pursuant to the Compensation Act for Wrongful Trials on Charges of Sedition and Espionage during the Martial Law Period; the other is political documents held by National Archives Administration, National Development Council . The database is categorized according to names of convicts. With names, the database clearly shows court materials pertaining to ones under trial, including what suggestions that military prosecutors, judges, and officers made when determining punishments. By laying bare of trail procedures, the database is expected to help the public get access to historical truths related to judicial verdicts imposed on political victims.

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