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Resource nameDanXin Archives System for Hakka Studies
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The DanXin Archives is a collection of administrative and judicial archives from the sub-prefecture of Tamsui, Taipei Prefecture, and Hsinchu Prefecture during the Qing era in Taiwan between year 41 of Qianlong (1776) to year 21 of Guangxu (1895). It is currently the largest and most comprehensive local government archive that has been preserved from the Qing era. It is recognized as a valuable trove of historic data in the research of Taiwan's legal, local administration, and socio-economic history, and carries significant academic value. Taiwan during the Qing era was predominantly the living space of the Hakka so the archive reflects the daily life of early Hakka settlers, and is precious first-hand historical data of Hakka culture. The National Taiwan University Library reorganized 1,162 cases, totaling 19,246 based on the "Dai, Yan-hui method" of categorizing by administrative, civil, and criminal cases.
In order to uncover the hidden stories and recreate details from the lives of Hakka ancestors, Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center invited the team from National Taiwan University's Research Center for Digital Humanities to utilize information technology and extract data from the archives. The DanXin Archives was reproduced digitally with high-performance search and post-classification analysis that allowed expert scholars to extract Hakka-related elements. This allowed users to explore the full digital text of Hakka culture for side-by-side comparison with digital images to recreate the Tan-Hsin Archives in its original form. Combined with the professional perspectives of Hakka scholars, this " DanXin Archives System for Hakka Studies " services the public by providing resources for Hakka studies.

CooperationTaiwan Hakka Culture Development Center,Hakka Affairs Council