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Resource name228 Incident Database
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IntroductionIn order to provide the public with accessible digital archives services, Academia Historica and the National Archives Administration, National Development Council have partnered together to create the "228 Incident Database" with a core archives catalog of over 17,000 items and 84,000 digital images. The public will not require applications to browse or search for these archives, and may directly browse archives images online.
This easy access to archives for everyone aims to construct a collective historical consciousness and the nation’s cultural memory.
The database also allows users to search the digital version of the "Dictionary of the 228 Incident" published in 2008. When searching through archives catalog, links for specific terms will be provided so that users can immediately refer to existing data and gain an in-depth understanding of relevant content.   
Additionally, the database is supplemented with a full-text collaboration mechanism in  hopes of harnessing the power of Internet users to participate in the transcribing of archives related to the 228 Incident.
This may mobilize public involvement and further the understanding and sharing of these archives so that information retrieval technology will be able to facilitate the use of archival resources and academic research.
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