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Resource nameNational Human Rights Museum (hereinafter referred to as “NHRM”) Collections System
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IntroductionThe NHRM Collections System currently consists of compensation dossiers transferred from the Compensation Foundation for Wrongful Trials on Charges of Sedition and Espionage during the Martial Law Period (hereinafter referred to as the “Compensation Foundation”) with 8,847 metadata records in total. Those documents were generated between 1999 and 2014 in six categories, which included applications for compensation, case investigation, case examination, compensation grants, administrative remedy, and others. The Compensation Foundation was established in accordance with the “the Compensation Act for Wrongful Trials on Charges of Sedition and Espionage during the Martial Law Period” promulgated under the presidential order in June , 1998, and was dissolved in September 2014. It was responsible for dealing with matters regarding compensating victims who were involved in political issues during that time and restoring their reputation. Compensation dossiers not only help the general public have a thorough understanding of political events and the victims, but also play a crucial role in both the compensation for political victims and the study of transitional justice progress. Due to the involvement of personal privacy and rights of third parties, some content in the dossiers were concealed or removed with the limitation on reading and applying online only. After browsing or searching the catalog of compensation dossiers through the system, applicants can choose those items they would like to apply, fill in the application form, and submit the online application (with relevant evidence attached). The NHRM will contact those who apply within 14 working days to inform them of their usage onsite.
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