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 Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank (TCMB) hopes  cultural memory can receive a full bloom like flowers   from the land as people absorb  diverse values from various generations and ethnic groups. Moreover,  innovation has been implemented by the use of digital technology,  dreams have been incubated with original contents, history has been able to establish its foundation, which allows the future to develop.  In response to  being stormed over digital information that challenges  a person’s values and faith, the Ministry of Culture has launched the TCMB website to accumulate and publicize highlights of unique Taiwanese culture. Therefore, the people are gradually invited  to participate in this new social and cultural movement. The three main objectives are as followed:

1. Data accessibility and implementation 
TCMB has carried on the mission of National Digital Archives Program and collected numerous digital materials and resources from important museums and archival administrations   in providing an user-friendly platform with clear interface and specific authorization labels to meet different needs, so that every individual requirement can be fulfilled, such as learning, creating, entertaining, commercial purposes and non-commercial purposes, etc..  .
2. The Establishment of Local Knowledge
In order to expand the horizon of communities and to increase people’s sense of belonging,  TCMB  has collected and organized local and historical knowledge from all levels of governmental organizations and  non-governmental organizations across Taiwan. By presenting thematic structures and curating techniques, the possibilities of connecting cultural memories with digital technology,  solutions to local issues, along with  elements of the original culture, can all be discovered in TCMB to make the citizens proud.
3. Collaborative Creation from all people
 With further hopes that people will proactively participate in this movement,  we have promoted an interactive community that welcomes everyone to take part in weeding out errors and collaborating on various ideas based on the materials and  resources on  TCMB. From bottom up,  people can analyze, correct, and interpret cultural memories by improving the current data. Furthermore, everyone can form a more innovative and inclusive cultural and historical perspective, as well as developing key IP content via digital interpretation.
TCMB  introduces history back into our daily lives by allowing the past memories to regenerate and welcoming  individual memories to become a part of national cultural memories. As the digital era changes rapidly, the Memory Bank will keep accumulating valuable assets of this land, positioning the past and the future of Taiwan, and continuing the abundant lifeblood of Taiwanese culture on this island.
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